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September 30th, 2010

Beyond 70.3: The Habit Vacuum

By Kyle Morich

Last Sunday, I competed in the ESI Ironman 70.3 in Augusta, Georgia.  A half-Ironman, the race was a grueling 1.2 mile swim in the Savannah River, a 56 mile bike ride in the rolling hills of South Carolina, and a 13.1 mile run on the flat city streets of downtown Augusta.  I finished in 4 hours and 57 minutes, beating my goal by 3 minutes, and I consider the athletic feat one of the better accomplishments in my lifetime.

But now it’s all over.  After 4 straight months of training six days a week, swimming 50,000 yards, biking nearly 1500 miles, and running 250 miles in preparation for the five hours of athletic performance, I have nothing to do.  While my body is certainly appreciative of the break, my mind feels very uncomfortable with the whole thing.  Consider the routine behaviors that are now disrupted or eliminated by the abrupt end to my triathlon season:

  • The time I wake up in the morning
  • The type of breakfast I eat
  • The exercise session before work
  • The number of meals I eat during the day, and the types of food I eat
  • The time I leave from work
  • The route I take home from work
  • The exercise session after work
  • The time I eat dinner
  • The time I go to bed
  • The time I wake up on weekends
  • The long training sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • The daily tracking of my training progress

And so on.  (more…)